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Our Process

  • Consultations - We do not charge for a consultation. A typical walkthrough lasts about 30 minutes depending on the size of the residents and the number of contents.  

  • Minimums and fees- my standard rate to host a sale is 35% or $2,000 (whichever is more). This rate includes all my services except clean out costs. 

  • Staging/Before the Sale- I strive to make my sales organized and presentable. Clothing, housewares, closets and garages are displayed in a way to make everything accessible to buyers.  All items of significance are tagged and priced. All prices reflect realistic market value.

  • The Sale - My sales are not chaos. We control crowds to minimize the risk of theft, injury and conflict. We only allow one way in and one way out. There is also a bag checker at the door and enough individuals on staff to cover multiple rooms. precarious areas are sectioned off and caution notices are used to make sure people watch where they are going. 

  • After the Sale- I offer clean-out services if needed. My fee starts at $1,000 for 2 tons (about 1/2 full 26 ft. box truck) with a surcharge of $300 for each additional ton. Very large, bulky items (piano, jacuzzi, vertical safes, etc) and hazardous waste disposal will incur additional charges. Clearing a house typically takes one day. We leave the house in broom swept condition. Any donation receipts will go to the client. We payout our clients within 5 business days after the completion of the sale and we provide a breakdown of what sold with every payout.





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